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don't waste the pretty

Anna Taylor
anna. 20. student. aspiring journalist/writer.
acoustic guitars, across the universe, adobe indesign, akiva schaffer, american idol, amy poehler, andy samberg, andy warhol, anna faris, anton yelchin, ashley tisdale, bandcamp, barack obama, baseball, bill hader, black and white photos, blogging, board shorts, bradley cooper, breaking dawn, broadway, cast commentary, cds, chanel, charlie bartlett, coach, coco chanel, confessions of a shopaholic, converse, dancing, dane cook, death cab for cutie, designer handbags, director commentary, disney movies, dreaming, dvds, ed westwick, facebook, flip flops, forever 21, friends, friends the tv show, fruit, glee, god, gossip girl, grease, hellcats, high school musical, history, hot rod, idina menzel, improving, indie films, indie music, isla fisher, james dean, jason mraz, jennifer aniston, jim sturgess, jorma taccone, journalism, kris allen, kristen wiig, kristin chenoweth, layout, lea michele, learning, leighton meester, livejournal, louis vuitton, lyrics, magazines, make-up, marc jacobs, marching band, matt nathanson, michael kors, michael phelps, mlb, money, mozella, nastia luikin, new york yankees, newspapers, nikon, one tree hill, percussion instruments, perfume, photography, pictures, plaid, reading, rebecca minkoff, saturday night live, scarves, seth meyers, seventeen, seventeen magazine, shawn johnson, sleeping, snare drums, snl digital shorts, summer, swimming, taking walks, teen vogue, the beatles, the great gatsby, the lonely island, the oc, the sandlot, the secret life, the soup, the wizard of oz, tmz, twilight, twitter, tyler hilton, vanessa hudgens, vic firth, walt disney, wicked, working out, writing, youtube, zac efron